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The Presence Project Podcast

Nov 9, 2023

How burning out from performance Christianity could actually save your life. AJ Sherrill teaches us how after burning out as a young church planter, he found a new rule of life based in contemplative prayer and discovered a depth to the Christian life he didn't know was available. And it all started with learning...

Oct 25, 2023

In episode 63, I invite you fireside for a lectio divina 101 chat and together we answer Jesus' invitation in John 21:9-13 to "Come, have breakfast."


Show Notes:

*Have Summer come lead at your gathering:

*Want to find out more about All Soul's Atlanta? Click here.

*Philip Yancey's article,...

Oct 18, 2023

This statement by my spiritual direction professor, Robert Woodcock, peaked my curiosity: “We sometimes forget that there are two people in this relationship, us and God. We forget that we are in a relationship with a Person with feelings and hopes and dreams for our life together.  Sometimes we are brave enough to...

Oct 11, 2023

We've become such a fast culture. Becoming good soil for the word takes an intentional step. Otherwise, our time in scripture feels more like coming up to the drive thru window for fast food.

When I hear people say they can't "do" contemplative exercises, I wonder if they're giving their body time to ground first.