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The Presence Project Podcast

Aug 29, 2019

When we are functioning out of the orphan spirit our primary default mode is believing that love, care, and provision are scarce. Fear grips and we put on the rags of the matchstick girl wandering the streets of people pleasing, perfectionism, and performance hoping for a coin, a kind look, a handout, a crust.



Aug 23, 2019

A story of following the light of Christ's Presence one moment after another. 

So here’s my question: Is it possible to intentionally place sensory reminders of the truth of God’s Presence and walk from present moment to present moment using them to remind us that God is here? Whether it’s a lit candle, a praise...

Aug 15, 2019

Our brains have to be rewired for perfect love. 

Here’s why. Many of us transfer our attachment disorders onto our relationship with God. We have received halting, crippled human love from our caregivers and we end up using that same lens with which to view God. It’s the only lens for love we have! 

In Brain science...

Aug 8, 2019

Richard Foster says this in his mini-book which I highly recommend: Sanctuary of the Soul, “Distraction is the primary spiritual problem of our day.” Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. When I look around me at Starbucks tonight, I see what he means. 90% of the people around me have their eyes glued to a device....

Aug 1, 2019

"But when Mom started laying down her fears to her counselor one at a time, Delores looked her straight in the eye, “Beth, you’re painting a picture of a life without God in it.

Delores’ words shook something in mom. Where WAS God in the picture she was painting? Over and over she was practicing the absence of...